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Pedro Ballester Arenas was born in Manchester, England on 22 May 1996. The eldest of three brothers, he was brought up in a Catholic family in the north of England. From an early age he stood out for his
warm- heartedness and generosity. He was renowned for being a hard-working student, and a good friend to all.


Can you please send me a relic?

I live in a town in the province of Toledo and I work in Madrid. We have four children. I learned about Pedro Ballester’s story, and in a difficult moment…

Prayer card


for private devotion

Heavenly Father, you gave your son Pedro a deep and cheerful faith, love for the Cross, and zeal to bring his friends closer to Christ. Help me also to offer my work, joys and sufferings for the good of the Church and for the salvation of all. Grant through Pedro’s prayers what I now ask (name the intention) and that I too may grow each day in faith and love for Jesus, by making Him, with our Lady’s help, the centre of my life and love. Amen.

Our Father. Hail Mary. Glory Be.

In conformity with the decrees of Pope Urban VIII, we declare that there is no intention of anticipating in any way the judgement of the Church, and that this prayer is not intended for public use.

“The Holy Spirit puts these words into the mouths of youths: I have more wisdom than the elderly, more sanctity than the elderly, because I have tried to follow the commandments of the Lord (Ps 119:100). Don’t wait for old age in order to become saints: it would be a great mistake.”

St Josemaría Escrivá, 9 January 1968

We are the “Friends of Pedro”, some of us who knew him personally. While always subject to the judgment of the Catholic Church, we are convinced that Pedro is in heaven. We wish to spread knowledge of his life, so that people begin to have devotion to Pedro, and ask his intercession for their needs. As his life becomes more widely known, the fruits of this work will be of benefit to the whole Church. Promoting his cause for beatification and canonisation is thus one of our aims.