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Prayer Requests

My colleague, M, has cancer, a metastasis

I am writing to ask if you would join me in praying for a colleague of mine in India. I live and work in Kenya but I also cover India. My colleague, M, has cancer, a metastasis – she now has it in her lungs and is on palliative chemo treatment. She needs a miracle.…

Please pray for my mum’s recovery

Now 62, she suffered a serious brain haemorrhage four years ago. She was very close to dying but survived and began to slowly recover. The stroke left her half paralysed and mostly unable to speak. During the first three years she made some progress of recovery, but lately it has stopped and her condition has…

For my daughter, H

Please will you pray for my daughter, H. She was diagnosed yesterday with interstitial cystitis – an incurable bladder pain problem. JJ, Canterbury, England12 June 2021

My application to a university is pending

May I ask you to help me pray for my intention through Pedro’s intercession? I’m still waiting to get a decision on my application to a University in the UK. Thank you. AA, Manila, The Philippines, 9 June 2021

A prayer request for my thesis

I submitted my thesis today for approval. Kindly remember me in prayers so that the abstract may be approved and enable me print the final copies. Thank you.CC, Nairobi, Kenya.

A prayer request for a COVID patient on a ventilator

29 January 2021: Please pray for my nephew M, who has Covid. He has been on a ventilator for ten days. His kidney has now failed and we have been told he may only have 48 hours 7 February 2021: M is still very poorly. On a ventilator, has very bad bed sores on his…

A prayer request from a Mum for her son with autism.

Please pray for my son to help him with his autism. He is a wonderful boy but right now we are pretty exhausted and need angelic help and grace to understand and support his difficulties and thinking. He is our joy!  My son’s challenging behaviour is like trying to hold back storm. I started praying yesterday…

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